Daniel Yeomans is an artist living in his own whimsical world (somewhere in Birmingham) filled with props and settings which define his working persona; a solitary wizard and inventor with the heart of a dandy. Yeomans uses a variety of prop-design based skills and materials to create the effects and installations which narrate the story with the aim to intrigue and entertain the viewer.

      Video pieces are a view of how Daniel's contraptions or setups work, showing them not just as still installations but in settings with context, sometimes within the virtual world created. Videos may also take the form of showing the artists character within the real world, and how he interacts with it.

      Illustration plays an important role in Yeomans' creative process; acting as a form of visualising a future project. This work practice stems from studying Product Design at A level.

      Seeing Paul Daniels live when he was 4 years old has been a catalyst for the artists dream; to be an Artist or a Magician when he grows up. This dream is still followed to this day and is played out in the work Yeomans creates bringing in his own influences and inspirations such as Victorian object styles and the fantasy world of Harry Potter.

Daniel Yeomans

Artist bio coming soon in video form.


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